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Our first outing was a local "drive"-about - we encountered Townsville as a beautiful town.

30Apr_scenic_clouds.jpg (73073 bytes)30Apr_Smith_Field_Sterbus_castlerock.jpg (72830 bytes)Ken_Magnetic.jpg (66352 bytes)30Apr_Field_Harbor.jpg (277470 bytes)Tourists.jpg (71226 bytes)

Some pics of Jourama Falls - just north of Townsville (note - most are larger files)

13May_Jourama_park.jpg (923872 bytes)13May_ken_Jourama_falls.jpg (204377 bytes)13May_J_falls.jpg (244475 bytes)13May006.jpg (73806 bytes)

13May_sugarcane.jpg (74055 bytes)13May_sugar_cane.jpg (65474 bytes)13May001.jpg (275317 bytes)

13May007.jpg (21950 bytes)

My only shot from Carins - it was a short trip to drop some folks off at the airport.

Magnetic Island

skiing.jpg (59961 bytes)

this is the same as above - just lightened up a bit

24Apr_waterski_faster.jpg (813519 bytes)

Had some fun salt-water skiing - glad the sharks didn't think I was bait.

24Apr_Magnetic_Isl.jpg (192780 bytes)

A view looking back to the west at Townsville.

30apr_IrishPub.jpg (70404 bytes)

The gang made it out to a local Irish Pub (not really a walk-about).