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Down Range
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Durring the entire month of May 01 I deployed in support of a Joint exercise - here are some of the photos.


29Apr_intel_at_chow.jpg (65560 bytes)


Captions from left to right:  1)  Nice view of the facilities (Click on photos to see enlargement).  2)  My humble abode (see the bars out front).  3)  Can you say chow?  4)  ECP  5)  Not all tough duty (unfortunately our 13 hr shift covers the entire open hours of the pool).  6)  Check out the chow.



I got to enjoy a bit of water polo - great fun and exercise.


29Aprfltln_sunset.jpg (146325 bytes)29Apr_S_Austin_flt_ln.jpg (69822 bytes)Austin_Jasper.jpg (71690 bytes)JICPAC_gang.jpg (187100 bytes)


Left to right  1)  FL sunset - this one is higher resolution (more time to download).  2)  S. A. working on the perimeter.  3)  This is the pre-travel look.  4)  The crew.    

4May_gym.jpg (71323 bytes)4MayECP2.jpg (66924 bytes)4MayECP.jpg (68725 bytes)

31AprWeather.jpg (70861 bytes)30apr_down_town.jpg (76071 bytes)

We spent most of our time in the work mode - but we did made it downtown a few times.

4May_F18s_HQ.jpg (209081 bytes)9May_parajump.jpg (173981 bytes)

This pic is high quality so don't click on it if you have band-width issues

4May_New_houseSHQ.jpg (829326 bytes)4May_phoneSHQ.jpg (833679 bytes)4MayTentSHQ.jpg (836792 bytes)7May_Ken_in_cot1.jpg (904176 bytes)

These pics are super high quality so same applies

7May_quarters.jpg (18927 bytes)7May_my_cot.jpg (42267 bytes)

I did get an upgrade to a hard billet.  Not much in luxuries - but it was a step towards civilization.  This is the same room looking each way.  I shared it with 5 others.  We had a day shift and a night shift - so you couldn't go in the room during the day since the night shift was sleeping.